HP latex

北京赛车pk拾开奖记录printing speed

北京赛车pk拾开奖记录91 square meters / hour - upper limit speed (1 print)

31 square meters / hour - outdoor high speed (4 prints)

23 m2 / h - outdoor (6 prints)

17 square meters / hour - high quality indoor printing (8 prints)

14 square meters / hour - high quality indoor printing (10 prints)

6 m2/h - Backlight, textiles and canvas (16 prints)

5 square meters / hour - high saturated textiles (20 prints)

Print high quality colors (best)

北京赛车pk拾开奖记录1200 x 1200 dpi resolution

Printing technology

北京赛车pk拾开奖记录HP Latex printing technology

Ink type

HP Latex ink

Number of toner cartridges/ink cartridges

7 (black, cyan, light cyan, light magenta, magenta, yellow, and HP Latex Optimizer)

Print Head

北京赛车pk拾开奖记录6 (cyan/black 2, magenta/yellow 2, light cyan/light magenta 1, 1 HP Latex Optimizer)

北京赛车pk拾开奖记录Print head nozzle


Print repeatability

Average <= 1 dE2000, 95% color <= 2 dE2000

(The color difference in the print job is measured in 10 print modes on vinyl film media and is in the following range: Maximum color difference (95% color) <= 2 dE 2000. Reflection measurement on the 943 color target of the CIE standard D50 illuminant This is done according to the CIEDE2000 standard of the CIE standard DS 014-6/E:2012. 5% of the color may change over 2 dE2000. Backlit substrates measured in transmission mode may produce different print results.)


北京赛车pk拾开奖记录Paper output processing

Roll feeding

北京赛车pk拾开奖记录Receiving shaft

北京赛车pk拾开奖记录Automatic paper cutter (for vinyl film, paper media, backlit polyester film)

Media type

Banner, self-adhesive vinyl film, film, fabric, paper, wall covering, canvas, synthetic media, mesh, textile Non-printable area (roll media)

北京赛车pk拾开奖记录5 x 5 x 0 x 0 mm (no edge holder)

北京赛车pk拾开奖记录Maximum roll input


北京赛车pk拾开奖记录Media width (maximum)

1625 mm

Maximum weight of the reel

42 kg

Roll outer diameter

250 mm

Medium thickness

Up to 19.7 mils

Dimensions and weight

北京赛车pk拾开奖记录Minimum specification (width x depth x height)

2561 x 840 x 1380 mm

Package size (width x depth x height)

2795 x 760 x 1705 mm


231.5 kg

Environmental scope

range of working temperature

15oC to 30oC

北京赛车pk拾开奖记录Operating humidity range

20 - 80% RH (non-condensing)


北京赛车pk拾开奖记录Sound pressure

55 dB (A)

Sound pressure (standby)

39 dB(A)

Sound power

7.4 B(A)

Sound power (standby)

5.7 B (A)

power supply

北京赛车pk拾开奖记录printing speed

北京赛车pk拾开奖记录4.6 kW (print)

85 watts (ready)

< 2.5 watts (sleep)


北京赛车pk拾开奖记录Meets ENERGY STAR® requirements


北京赛车pk拾开奖记录Environmental certification

ENERGY STAR compliant


RoHS (Europe, China, Korea, India, Ukraine, Turkey)


EPEAT Bronze Certification


北京赛车pk拾开奖记录CE standard compliance mark

Included items

Items contained in the box

北京赛车pk拾开奖记录HP Latex 375 printer

Print Head

Maintenance cartridge

Ink collector

北京赛车pk拾开奖记录Output print roller protector

Printer stand


Receiving shaft

Variable front tension kit

北京赛车pk拾开奖记录Load attachment

User maintenance kit

北京赛车pk拾开奖记录Edge holder

Quick reference guide

Installation Notes

Document software

power cable


北京赛车pk拾开奖记录1 year limited warranty (on the next business day)